New In Store

We have items come in almost daily and many of them go out just as fast. Here is a look at some of the new items this week. You can also click on the items for sale for a few other previews.

A midcentury pole lamp with burlap type shades, works great - vendor #1 - $149

An antique reproduction doll made in 1989 by the late Betty Wilson of Klamath Falls, Oregon. She won many awards and was considered a master doll maker. This doll comes with the display case - vendor #39 - $75

All typewriters are on sale through April. All are at least 10% or more off the normal price. The prices will go back to normal on May 1.

We have 3 cases of vintage salt and pepper shakers! There are sets for almost any theme you could imagine! They make great gifts.

Stop in and see what is new!

Check the Blog to find out what is happening at the store. All sales and other events will be posted here.
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