Typewriters! Click Clack...Ding!

Did you know that there are a number of people using typewriters nowadays? Did you know that Tom Hanks has 250+ working typewriters in his collection. All over the world, people are meeting for Type-Ins.

A Type-In is an arranged meeting of manual typewriting enthusiasts. A typical Type-In may include the following activities: a typing speed competition; distribution of stationery, envelopes and stamps, followed by a typed letter-writing session; the swapping and purchasing of typewriters.

Well in the shop we have a vendor who is stocking 15 typewriters at all times. The ones in the shop now range from $60 to $95. We have more expensive ones at times. These have been cleaned and have new ribbons. So if you are looking to take a typewriter to the coffee shop or to a Type-In, come on down and find a typewriter to fit your needs. You can try any typewriter in the shop.

At the present time we have Brother, Remington, Royal, Smith Corona, Underwood and Webster typewriters.

We always like it when people drop in to visit! Come on in and type a line or two.

Check the Blog to find out what is happening at the store. All sales and other events will be posted here.
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