Happy Mother's Day

We will be closed on Sunday to honor all the mothers. We have a wide variety of wonderful gift ideas for your mother at the store. Stop in and see what unique vintage, antique, collectible, repurposed item that would make a super gift for your mom.

Here are a few recently added items.

A wonderful metal and wood plant stand offered by vendor #13 for just $22.50

A grandmother clock for sale from vendor #30.

How about a double set of candy/gumball machines for sale by vendor #26 for $150.00.

How about this wonderful State Fair game sold by vendor #22 for $30.

A fun slot machine for $45 sold by vendor #26.

A brass rocking horse sold by vendor #26 for $185.00.

A cute little white table just $12 being sold by vendor #23.

There are so many more things to choose from. This is just a small sampling!

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day if you are a mother and if you are shopping for your Mother, please check out our stock of wonderful items!

Thank you from all of us at Red Door Antiques & Resale.

Check the Blog to find out what is happening at the store. All sales and other events will be posted here.
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