April Showers Storewide Sale

Starting April 3rd we will be having a storewide sale at Red Door Antiques and Resale. All items will be on sale for 10% to 50% off. Any item marked ND or red tagged will not be included. Each vendor chooses there own % off. Each space will have a sign indicating the % off the vendor is offering. Now is the time to come and grab some great bargains!

If you have ever thought of reselling your antiques or collectibles, now is the time to come in and talk to Sharon about spaces available. We have several spaces that will be vacant and they are various sizes. It is always nice to start out with a small space to see if you enjoy reselling. So if you interested, please come in or call Sharon.

#sale #vendorswanted

Check the Blog to find out what is happening at the store. All sales and other events will be posted here.
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